Our approach

All our deals have one thing in common. They start from a blank sheet of paper.

At MML Ireland, we create value from original thinking, designing deals which enable management teams to take the next step on their journey.

We focus on a small number of investments where the business case is strong and the chemistry with people is right. As an independent firm, our Partners take personal responsibility for our part in your success.

In our experience, open minds mean better deals, so we take a fresh approach to every single investment.

For management teams

We want to create a deal that will grow your business, not just get your business.

MML Ireland is a true partnership investor, focused on investing alongside management owners.

We do not bring a “control” mentality to the table and take both minority and majority stakes. We understand our role is to work alongside management, providing capital and strategic support to help deliver transformational growth.

Our focus is on achieving sustainable value creation over the medium term. We recognise that to achieve this there is often a need to invest ahead of the curve to support expansion, M&A and innovation, sometimes at the expense of short-term profit.

The businesses we back benefit from short lines of communication and consistent points of contact with our Partners who are experienced decision makers.

For investors

We are a leading provider of tailored partnership capital to growing companies on the island of Ireland.

Our capital is typically used to support strong management teams to deliver a realignment of shareholder incentives, acquisitions and other bold expansion plans.

Our investee companies are typically growing,  profitable and cash generative with a significant presence on the island of Ireland.

We leverage our significant experience to provide financial, operational and strategic support to our investee companies.

The combination of our tailored approach (investing across the capital structure), international transacting capability and direct engagement with owner managers provides for a highly differentiated investment strategy.

MML Ireland celebrates its 10th anniversary
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We were delighted to celebrate our 10th anniversary, welcoming so many people who have helped us on this incredible journey. We had a wonderful evening catching up with investors, management teams past and present, as well as members of the corporate finance, legal and banking community.

We look forward to continuing to work closely with all these amazing people and forging new relationships over the next 10 years!

We listen to your vision

“Our engagement style is very open. We are naturally inquisitive and take the time to listen and understand the reasons why a team are raising capital. But also their motivations and aspirations from a personal and business perspective.”
Neil McGowan, Partner

We deliver a bespoke deal

“We are slightly unique in that we don’t have a prescribed or fixed deal structure. Our approach is more personal in that we try and understand what the shareholders and management team need and want from both a deal and investment partner. We then design a bespoke structure to meet those requirements.”
Rory Quirke, Partner

We leverage our experience

“As one of most active funds in the Irish market, we have gained a depth of experience across a variety of different industries and sectors. We seek to leverage these learnings and knowhow in supporting your growth journey.”
Shane Cooke, Investment Director

We bring a global perspective

“As an island economy, international expansion is central to many of the companies we invest in. We have direct experience of helping our portfolio companies internationalise. As part of the larger MML Capital network with teams in the UK, Europe and the US, we leverage this footprint and experience in assisting our portfolio companies to scale and expand abroad.”

Chris Walsh, Investment Director

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