MML Ireland volunteers at Feed our Homeless this Christmas

We are proud to have supported Feed our Homeless for our annual charity day this year.

Our whole office came together to spend the day preparing food parcels for families, sorting clothing packs for the evening outreach service, supporting stock rotation in the new storage area in Charlestown and sorting the clothes room. It was a thoroughly rewarding day!

Feed our Homeless was established in 2017 by co-Founders Tony Walsh and Natasha Morgan in Dublin’s city centre. The charity is dedicated to supporting people affected by homelessness and marginalised by society.

Having been homeless for 18 years, Tony understands the daily struggles of sleeping rough and being in and out of emergency accommodation. He now works in the sector supporting homeless people to break the cycle, having completed third level education and achieving a diploma and degree in Addiction.

Tony also works to educate young students within secondary schools, helping to raise awareness around homelessness, drug, alcohol, and crime prevention. He believes homelessness and drug addiction can be prevented in the early stages of life by educating and encouraging young people to stay in school and get involved in sports or outside activities and youth programmes within the community. His aim is to raise awareness amongst young people within the community to help them avoid following his path.

Natasha grew up in care in Dublin’s inner city and has seen first-hand the impact drugs and alcohol abuse can have on people. Having travelled and worked in different roles within the financial and hospitality sector, Natasha went on to study for a diploma in Community Drug and Alcohol Work, followed by a degree in Social Sciences, at University College Dublin. During her time studying, she helped co-found Feed Our Homeless, using her personal experience and knowledge gained from her studies to build the charity and help as many people as possible.

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